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Business Valuations for Sellers

Importance to Buyers & Lenders

Have you ever considered selling your business?  Have you ever been approached by a competitor or prospective buyer about selling your business?  As a business owner, if you plan to sell your business at any point in the immediate OR long-term future, a professional business valuation should be the first link in the chain of events.  If a business is overvalued, it will not sell.  If a business is undervalued, the seller will lose hard won equity.  In most cases, a properly priced business will sell and all parties will walk away satisfied; a proper price is the result of a professional valuators opinion.

You have invested years of your life creating, sculpting, and refining your business.  When it comes time to sell, you deserve a fair price!  Anyone can formulate an opinion and make an educated guess.  Why gamble with hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars based on value hunches?  We can minimize your risk by providing a fair market valuation based upon proven principles, thousands of market comparables, verifiable valuation models, and many years of experience!

Know your value.  Know your business.

In today's economy, a business valuation is almost a requirement when selling a business for the following reasons:

  •             Buyers, lenders and other financial institutions must have a third party, professional opinion to protect their interests and ensure fairness in the business transaction.
  •             Sellers are protected by getting a fair price for their business. 
  •             Professional business valuations help position intermediaries to maximize purchase price.
  •             Without a business appraisal, it can be difficult to discern the actual performance of the Company.
Protect your business.  Protect your family.  Protect yourself.  Conduct a business valuation if you ever plan to sell your business!

To learn more about the importance of business valuations with buyers or lenders, please contact us today or call us at 877-VALU-BIZ.


Great Business Valuation with these guys!

"Not only did the valuation experts put together a great package, they clearly explained how they arrived at the fair market value of our business and suggested options for selling the business. Everything exceeded our expectations and everyone involved went above & beyond the call of duty. I highly recommend that any small business owner remotely thinking about selling their business, get a business valuation with these guys."

- George P.
Manufacturing Company

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