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The Valuation Process

What You Can Expect

Business owners who decide to sell their business without first getting an independent business valuation are asking for trouble.  Research has shown that business owners who purchase an independent business appraisal before selling their business get a 20% higher purchase price than those business owners who do not get a business valuation before selling.  The valuation is a line in the sand between buyer and sellerl!  It is a litmus test to identify fair market value, as a result minimizing room for negotiations and price reduction.  For a $3 million transaction, why would you forsake potentially $600,000?!!?

Below is an overview of how we interact and participate with business owners:

Its as simple as ABC.

Step 1:  THE FIND - You find, research and contact

Step 2:  INITIAL DISCUSSION AND FACT FINDING - Communications are exchanged between you and a senior staff member from  An initial phone interview is conducted to discover your needs, requirements and objectives.  This ensures we're the right fit for your needs, timing and budget.

Step 3:  ENGAGE US AND EXPERT ASSIGNMENT - When you choose to engage Fair Market Valuations you are assigned to the most qualified and appropriate credentialed valuation expert that “owns” the relationship with you and your business.

Step 4:  INITIAL INTERVIEW - You will be contacted to set the time and date for the ”Initial Interview”.  Prior to and during this interview detailed key information is obtained such as Company History, Industry Landscape, Management Information, and, importantly key financial data including balance sheet information and profit and loss data for appropriate periods – among many other items discussed.   

Step 5:  ONGOING INVESTIGATION - Once started, you and your professional consultant will work together on any additional investigations, but typically most information can be obtained in the “Initial Interview”.  This takes approximately two hours to four hours to complete.

Step 6: CREATION - Your credentialed valuation expert will conduct the official valuation, and create a detailed and professional report and presentation.

Step 7: QUALITY ASSURANCE – Fair Market Valuations ensures every business valuation is reviewed by a second party to ensure accuracy and independence, protecting your best interests. 

Step 8: PRESENT – Your valuation expert from Fair Market Valuations will present their findings to you in a formal presentation.  The creation of most valuations typically takes ten business days to complete.

Step 9:  SHIP - The completed business valuation report is shipped to the Consultant 
for review and disclosure

THERE YOU HAVE IT!  You are now armed with the information you need to make proper decisions regarding your business and potentially optimize an exit.

You will then collectively determine the most appropriate actions to take following the business valuation process:

Great Business Valuation with these guys!

"Not only did the valuation experts put together a great package, they clearly explained how they arrived at the fair market value of our business and suggested options for selling the business. Everything exceeded our expectations and everyone involved went above & beyond the call of duty. I highly recommend that any small business owner remotely thinking about selling their business, get a business valuation with these guys."

- George P.
Manufacturing Company

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