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The Valuation Process

The Role of a Business Valuator

A valuation specialist typically considers the following factors in performing a valuation:

  • Milestones achieved by the enterprise
  • State of the industry and the economy
  • Experience and competence of management team and board of directors
  • Marketplace and major competitors
  • Barriers to entry
  • Existence of proprietary technology, product, or service
  • Work force and the work force's skills
  • Customer and vendor characteristics
  • Strategic relationships with major suppliers or customers
  • Major investors in the enterprise
  • Enterprise cost structure and financial condition
  • Attractiveness of industry segment


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Great advice from my valuator!

"It was great to have a professional advisor sit down with me and explain the purpose and benefits of the valuation. I learned a lot more about my business once the appraisal process was complete. We received some great advice along the way on how to increase the value of our company and now have an excellent business broker lined up when we get ready to sell the business!"

- Harold G.
Business Services Company

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