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Florida business valuation

In the state of Florida, we offer small business owners a large, diverse, and qualified network of business valuation advisors specializing in both valuation and mergers and acquisitions.  Within Florida, we have more than 10 offices serving the most populated regions of the state and providing business valuation services.  Not only are our experts capable of advising you on business valuation, but they are also qualified experts in exit planning and business brokering.


We have business valuation professionals in the following Florida regions and are willing to work with clients within a 2-3 hour travel time:











     St. Petersburg

     Palm Beach


     Lake Mary


For a Florida business valuation and to arrange for a Florida-based business consultant to speak with you about your need and objectives, please contact us at 877-825-8249 or fill out the form on this page.

Great advice from my valuator!

"It was great to have a professional advisor sit down with me and explain the purpose and benefits of the valuation. I learned a lot more about my business once the appraisal process was complete. We received some great advice along the way on how to increase the value of our company and now have an excellent business broker lined up when we get ready to sell the business!"

- Harold G.
Business Services Company

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