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Our Locations

Our Locations

The below map illustrates our primary coverage areas and business valuation office locations.  Our nationwide network gives business owners the ability to meet in-person with professionals while receiving high-quality expertise and cost-effective pricing.  We can deliver lower-priced business valuation services through our central operations (remote) OR can refer you to a qualified, affiliate partner (in-person).  Click here if you live in one of the following states for more information about our reach in these larger population markets: California, Texas, Florida, New York. 

Fair Market Valuations offers a sophisticated network of business valuation consultants and professionals to meet the needs of United States business owners. We have the ability to match business owners with the most qualified valuators based on industry experience, thorough firm evaluation, advanced software algorithms, and an understanding of business owner requirements. With our past nationwide relationships and ongoing expansion we are able to match business owners with virtual providers or in-person valuation consultants.

If for some reason, we do not have coverage within your area or the valuation partners to address your specific needs, know that we will put our best foot forward for your needs to be met (United States only) either in-person or virtually. We try to preserve overlap coverage in high density regions to ensure service quality is maintained and to optimize synergistic relationships with business owners.

Ideally, we seek to be match makers of business owners and business valuators; as this is a gap in the valuation profession. If you're a retail business, we want to match your business needs with a professional familiar with retail type businesses; if you're a construction-related company then we want to our professionals to align accordingly.

Please contact us today to learn more about our business valuation quote services and how they can empower you and your future business decisions. When you know your value, you know your business!  Let us find the valuation firm best for your business.

Great advice from my valuator!

"It was great to have a professional advisor sit down with me and explain the purpose and benefits of the valuation. I learned a lot more about my business once the appraisal process was complete. We received some great advice along the way on how to increase the value of our company and now have an excellent business broker lined up when we get ready to sell the business!"

- Harold G.
Business Services Company

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