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Welcome to Fair Market Valuations, a nationwide network of pre-qualified and vetted, business valuation consultants. We cater to US-based privately-held businesses that need an independent, third-party business appraisal. Not all appraisal and opinion of value engagements are the same and not all business appraisers are the same.


As a business owner or as a trusted partner to an owner, we know it can be challenging to research, consider and select business appraisers that understand your business, your industry and your individual needs. We’ve taken this legwork, uncertainty and potential stress off your plate.

Powered by experience

We launched FMV in 2007 as a large network of individual brokers helping business owners estimate value and sell their business. Fast-forward and we have narrowed the focus to qualified business valuations with experienced, specialized partner firms.

Rooted in Service

Business appraisal firms bring different specialties to the table – from the qualifications and industries served to delivery models and pricing. We match based on owner needs.


We strive to bring experienced, trusted business valuation experts to you who specialize in the major events you are navigating within your business.

Selling a Business

Establishing fair market value helps Sellers attract the right Buyers.

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Buying a Business

Determining the value of a business helps Buyers make smart offers. 

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Bankruptcy & Liquidation

A business appraisal helps owners and advisors navigate difficult times.

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Machinery & Equipment Appraisals

Determine tangible asset values with experts that know equipment.

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Getting a Divorce

A business appraisal brings stability during times of marital dissolution. 

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Partner Buyouts & Disputes

A business appraisal helps bring fair and equitable asset distribution.

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Owner Estate & Gift Tax

Determining fair market value brings clarity to an owner’s estate transfer. 

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ESOP & 409A

Expert appraisals ensure compliance and fairness to business ownership.

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We help business owners and advisors find the right business appraisers


Get some tips and perspective as you look to determine the value of your business
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