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What is My Company Worth?

If you are a small business owner, you have most certainly asked yourself “What is my company worth?” Knowing the value of you business today will allow you to plan for your business tomorrow.

Value Drivers for a Business

Hire more sales people. Spend more on marketing and advertising. Downsize operations and service. Sell more to existing customers. Fire middle management. As a small business owner, you have heard, considered, or even taken some of above measures in an attempt to make your business more profitable. While these measures can have a positive impact [...]

Business Valuation: Baby Boomers Tipping the Scales ?

You, or someone very close to you, are part of 73 million Americans that make up the second largest population segment in the United States: Baby Boomers. This generation is classified as anyone born between 1946 and 1964. According to a recent study by Guidant Financial, 41% of businesses in the United States are owned [...]

Selling a Business: 12 Steps to Success

Simply put, selling a business is complex. Business owners who decide to sell their business should be prepared, patient, responsible, and realistic about the process. When owners strategically plan the sale of their business, from start to finish, they put themselves in a much better position to succeed. Below are some essential steps required for [...]

Why Business Owners Sell

Top 7 Reasons Why Business Owners Decide to Sell In the shoes of a business owner, selling a business can be a very emotional and physically demanding experience. Let’s face it, as humans, we put our families, finances, and ‘blood-sweat-&-tears’ into our most valuable assets……for the entrepreneur it is most often their business. When it [...]

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