Our business valuation partners specialize in working with business owners and their trusted advisors to establish their company’s value for a variety of strategic reasons. In many cases, it is to determine fair market value of a company to support the sale or purchase of an established business. In other cases, a major event has triggered the requirement for an expert appraisal for matters such as partnership disputes and buyouts, tax litigation, estate planning, marital dissolutions, investor fundraising or employee stock plans (ESOP or 409A).

Our goal is to align your specific needs with the most qualified business appraisers who are well-versed in the complexities of various types of valuations across a range of specific purposes.

The top eight reasons for conducting a business valuation and areas in which our partner appraisers can help include:



At Fair Market Valuations, our business appraisal partners have been vetted to ensure deep expertise across a variety of assignments based on business owner needs, industry, geographies and complexity of a given engagement.

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